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Denise bring years of experience and professionalism to each and every client that we serve and we look forward to earning your trust and business.

Here’s what our Clients say about us:


In 2018 I made a spreadsheet with the five countries I’d visited and investigated in depth: Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica and Jamaica.

To that list I added: Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

I ranked each of them in terms of cost of living, health care, safety, climate, food, hurricanes, biological diversity, recreation, stability of government, diving - things like that.

The DR came out at the top of the list and it took another few weeks go to the various real estate sites to look at properties, scenery, etc. I ended up zoomed in on the north coast and Cabrera in particular. I had what I wanted and did not have what I did not want. One site in particular, DR OCEANVIEW had been around 14 years and nobody had anything bad to say about them and nothing had been ‘pushed down’ in the Google search results either.

They had an abundance of in-depth videos so I emailed Denise Bess and we had a good conversation when we connected on the phone. I’m a ‘loner’ and have traveled all over, comfortably and safely by myself so I did NOT want to take her tour of the area.

She mentioned that she’d pick me up at the airport, I declined and replied that I knew I’d have a five hour bus trip otherwise. Hey, no problem, right?

She said that the tour came with a number of nights in a really nice ocean view condo in a great community and I checked it out and saw what the tour would save me in terms of other lodging. I declined.

She asked me why I was declining and I said that something like: “My idea of torture is to be on a bus with people I don’t want to be around, talking about stuff I don’t want to talk about, seeing stuff I don’t want to see while somebody tries to sell me something.


She burst out laughing and rejoined, “Oh the tour is just for you, you’re only going to see what you want to see when you want to see it and nobody is going to try to sell you anything.


I took the tour and was darn glad that I had. Huge bang for the buck, each day different and tailored to the questions I’d developed after the previous days education.


I highly recommend the tour and even if you have NO interest in that please do meet Denise. With 7 billion people on the earth I am incredibly lucky to have found her, ahead of time, from way back in the states.


I’ve come back and been here going on seven months as I write this after a very rough time in the states, cancer, collapse of my business and loss of my only child.


This has been a very good place to get better, eat right, meet new people and see and learn about new things.


I’m heading back to the states this week to see my brothers and hope to come back to buy the killer house she got for me to rent. I love it. Next to a nature preserve, quiet, safe and a virtual, low cost citadel. Denise has been without peer, kind, gracious, super knowledgeable and professional to me for over two years."

Contact me personally if you like.

Kind regards,

-Jay Reynolds

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